Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Rainy Monday

Just to catch up:

My father-in-law's funeral was last Saturday in Clinton, MA.  Gemma and I flew on Friday (missing the wake) and stayed with Gemma's Great-Aunt Patty (who happens to be really great.  really).  Ray was 88 when he passed away the previous Wednesday.  A long life well lived. A lot of people turned out on that glittering blue Saturday to say good bye and support his kids and grandkids and one greatgrandkid.  Gemma was tickled to realize that she has a boatload of relatives in New England. 

A death in the family brings up all the other deaths and losses and the ritual of it was good and cathartic.  I can be just as mean as a snake and need to be brought down a peg or two by the reality of life and death and family.

A thank-you to Ray for getting the whole crowd together.  It was a real celebration of life.

Footnote:  I left my camera on the plane from Boston to Phoenix but got it in the mail on Friday last.  Whew.  Had another good cry over that one. I'm done with US Airways, however.  Life is too short to have to change planes in Phoenix and the way they treat their customers is awful.  Jet Blue here I come.

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