Friday, March 5, 2010

Bitch and Soothe

While I love that people like my pictures on Flickr, it really frosts when they use them without asking.  Then, to make matters worse, they insist on requests for using their images as their work is copyrighted.  Hey!  Mine is too.  WTF?  This computer-age photography thing can be really confusing.  There's very little money changing hands for good work but everyone wants to use images.  If you have the answer to this dilemma, please let me know.

(This arises from someone using the Air Stream photo below in a mosaic and posting it on Flickr with not a by-your-leave.  Argh. Now the weird thing is that I can bitch about it here but not to the person who did this because you don't call someone out when they've paid you a compliment, right?)

Enough of that.  On my route to and from school drop off in the mornings, I've seen colors that intrigued.  These are just houses, yards, on either Sacramento or California Streets.

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